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Auto-Drain 淋浴系统

Automatically drains standing water in the column between the shower valve and showerhead - removing stagnant water that causes illness. 

Auto-Drain has multiple options - complete stagnation prevention shower with fixed shower head, with hand spray with hose, diverter valve, or 改造设备 for existing shower hose. 

芝加哥水龙头 has expanded the Auto-Drain shower 配件 to include the use of 1.5 GPM shower heads and hand sprays. This complies with California Green Building Standards.


Auto-Drain Shower Valve Options


The Auto-Drain 淋浴系统 has a choice of Trims with Thermostatic/Pressure Balancing Valve with either an integrated valve drain or a separate drain valve. It is available with Auto-Drain Hose and Hand Spray or with Shower Head. Grab Bars and Slide Bars are also available to order. Each item will need to be ordered individually to 定制 your Auto-Drain 淋浴系统.  

Auto-drain shower systems

The Auto-Drain 淋浴系统 Adds Stagnation Prevention to Our Patient Care Line of 产品  

The Auto-Drain 商业 淋浴系统 is the first-of-its-kind shower that automatically drains standing water from the diverter pipe and hand-spray hose. Purging residual water helps to prevent the growth of harmful waterborne pathogens, like Legionella. Auto-Drain commercial shower systems are ideal for hospitals, 养老院, 长期护理, 辅助生活, 学校, 健身房, 体育中心, 体育场馆, 教堂, 营地, offices and other places where showers may be shut down for periods of time.

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Avoid Outbreaks of Legionella

根据 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the main focus should be all types of 医疗保健 facilities. Recent examples include: an Ohio hospital had a Legionnaires’ disease outbreak that resulted in eight illnesses and one death. 一个月后, an Atlanta Hotel had an outbreak that resulted in 11 guests diagnosed with Legionnaires’ disease. This is a life-threatening form of pneumonia that occurs when the Legionella bacterium is inhaled. 

Since Covid19 many closed or limited use 建筑 with showers have not resumed regular busy hours. It is not just hospitals, 长期护理 centers or clinics that should be concerned about Legionella. 酒店, 学校, offices and athletic facilities may also have the Legionella bacterium in their water systems.. 

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